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Monday, October 24, 2005

Spain, Segovia, Alcazar

Alcazar de Segovia, Spain
I have a thing for castles, and this one's the first real one I saw. When I saw this beauty lots of stories of dungeons'n dragons just made sense. I find segovia a place so loaded with history that it is a pleasure to walk down their streets. If they whole town is a beauty, for me it's gem is the Alcazar.

The thing is on the top of a cliff, and if you are visiting it you get a magnificient view of all the nearby area, the fuencista abbey, the veracruz church, and all the surrounding fields.

For me it was a time travelling experience.
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Spain, Segovia, VeraCruz

I got hooked with Segovia when a friend o' mine, that lives in Collado Mediano, told me the legend around the Vera Cruz church.

The Vera Cruz romanic church, built around the 1000 year, is said to have belong to the templar knights order, and the story goes that one dying knight, mortally wounded in battle, arrived to the church looking for help, and died on the doorstep of it. Crows, which are typical of that zone, gathered over the dead body, and started eating it's flesh. One priest on his way out of the church saw this, and cursed the crows. From that day forward crows are not seen around the church, but they are very abundant in all the surrounding area. Weird....
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Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Travel diary

I believe travelling is a mind opening experience, that should be encouraged on everyone. I had the opportunity to travel a bit, and this is my spot for sharing the experiences I had, the places I've been and the sights I've seen.
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