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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

France, Roscoff

Roscoff, house over hill in a cloudy weather
Roscoff is a little fishermen's town to the north of la bretagne. Beautiful architecture, quiet, and quite cold in winter. Not much nightlife, at least in weekdays.

Roscoff, France, bretagne style churchThis is a typical church "a la bretagne".

Roscoff, boats, bretagne, low tideOne remarkable thing about Roscoff is the noticeable difference in the water height when the tide changes. When the tide chanegs, it reaaally changes. On low tide the bay empties of water, and boats rest on the floor.

Roscoff, France, bridge to nowhereThis is a bridge that has no sense when the tide is high, the place it leads to is covered in water in high tide, but when is low it arrives to a big stone if i recall well.

Roscoff, house on a hill, on stormy weather


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect that the bridge leads to the embarkation point of a ferry. The "bridge" allows for a longer period between high tides when passengers are able to use the service.

11:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bridge is effectively used when the tide is high to allow people to reach the boat express service to Ile de Batz.

3:02 AM


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