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Friday, December 16, 2005

France, Mount Saint Michel

Mount Saint Michel France
This is another place which came straight out of a fairy tale. While standing in front of it I couldn’t help thinking it had fallen from the sky, as it is one really big piece of rock standing alone in the beach, surrounded by a plain of sand and water to one side and grassland to the other. The place is just amazing, breathtaking.Mount Saint Michel France

The legend goes that the archangel Michael revealed himself to one monk around the year 1000 and told him to build a house for God on the top of the mount in the beach. The place has seen it’s share of history pass by. One of the most amazing thing to learn was that it went through a 30 years siege, and didn’t fall, unbelievable!. I guess supplies coming from the sea are the explanation for it. It used to be an abbey for a very long time, it has about three different architectural layers, from Romanic to gothic, I believe.Mount Saint Michel France

The place retains that gothic mystic to it, which can be experienced while wondering in the stone chambers that used to shelter a host of monks. It was amazing to see such a big fireplaces where I could walk beneath it without my head touching the ceiling of it. By the way if you go there in autumn or winter take gloves as it's freezing cold, my fingers went numb and taking a picture was a decision not taken lightly.

There are a couple of days in the month when the tide rises and the whole place gets to be surrounded by water leaving only the road leading to the abbey uncovered. I didn’t see it but they say the sea rises around half a kilometer in half an hour, which is an amazing thing to presence. Mount Saint Michel France

They told me the French, in particular the normands of the zone amuse themselves by watching the restricted parking as it floods totally these days in the month when the tides rises, and from time to time they get to see the naïve tourist’s car drowned.

Mount Saint Michel France

After visiting it, it came as no surprise to find out that it's actually the second most visited place in france, after paris, and in particular by japanese tourists. Who would have said it?

Mount Saint Michel France


Blogger Dra. Guinda said...

Hello! I'm going to Paris next February and I was thinking about going here, to Mont Saint Michel. Would you say I'll be fine by going alone or would you recommend taking a tour? Thanks.
Paula (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

12:27 PM

Blogger gabo_uy said...

you should be fine on your own, there are several guided tours onsite. I suggest you pay the guided tour to the top. It's available in several languages.

5:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. With high tide, am I going to have trouble driving to the city centre at night in August? I arrive late at night, so I'm worried that I'll have difficulty getting to my hotel. Thanks. Kenny (UK)

12:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got back from France, and i visted Mount Saint Michel. It was so beautiful. I took a tour and learned alot!Bye!

10:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will be on a cruise and dock in Brest. With 6 hours is it possible to get to Mount Saint Michel?

please e mail me

9:37 AM

Blogger gabouy said...

You'd be pretty tight with time.

1.5hrs to get there, if you go by car, have everything arranged beforehand, and leave the moment you arrive to brest.

That would buy you aprox 3hs to check the place which is not much, but could do.

9:45 AM


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