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Friday, December 16, 2005

France, Rennes

Marche d'lis, Rennes, France
I spent four months living in this city, and I grew very fond of it. It is actually a beautiful place to live, very neat and secure, the only thing I missed was having a beach in the city, but other than that the place is in several way the perfect place to live.

There are two universities in the city, having thus a very young population, and very good nightlife, with lots of places to have a good beer (very good beer also), and the typical beverage of the Bretagne region, cider, great cider.

I had the time of my life there, met wonderful people; I guess I’ll just let the
pictures do the talking.
Urban landscape of Rennes, good graffiti.
Graffiti, Rennes, France
Place du St Anne.
St Anne, Rennes, France
On the way to St Anne.
Rennes, France
Republique, and the river that crosses the city.
France, Rennes, Republique
Rainy day chez alfredo.
France, Rennes, rainy day
Parc du thabor, beautiful place to have a walk.
Parc du Thabor, Rennes, France

Cheers! Rue d'la soif, Rennes, France
Rue de la soif, sante! (street of the thirst! cheapest beer in all rennes)


Anonymous Y said...

I found your page through a search for Rennes (through Wikipedia), I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your pictures! I just got back from a 5-month semester abroad in Rennes, and I LOVED it. I miss it so much.

I'm sure you know of O'Connell's? Haha. Anyway -- bon week-end (soon, at least)!

10:11 PM

Blogger gabo_uy said...

Thanxs for the feedback! It's been about a year already that I left Rennes, and I still miss it from time to time, especially when I listen french music. I met some incredible people there, and I learnt to rollerskate, something I also miss.


10:46 AM

Anonymous Ayush Bhandari said...

I read your experience in Rennes. Thanks for sharing. I have a collection of images from Rennes and I am sure that you'll find them interesting. You can find the images here at


7:55 PM


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